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How Geton was working

This is probably one of the most questioned questions about Geton! Your money has always been transmitted to the token (asset) seller. Whether you had purchased Grosh Vouched, your funds went to Grosh Voucher sellers (according to timestamp) inside Grosh Exchange Pool, or you spent Grosh token to purchase another cryptocurrency, it went to sellers of that token. More details, if you have time and will to read or familiarise yourself:
First, we need to clarify what the word "investment" means, but yes, let's assume that all of us understand what we are speaking about. Tokens (assets) that you have purchased with your "investment" capital, were exposed to the DPMC model and are circulating inside Geton Ecosystem. According to overall acceptance and situation on the market, Whitepaper's functionalities are finished or canceled and everybody is able to sell assets either through Trading Order (and burn then) or trade with them on the global market - All ecosystem assets are possible to trade per their DPMC final prices.

How Geton is working

At the end of 2021 it was noticeable just one clear message: 1. Nobody is interested in initial Geton’s idea, PRESENTED in Whitepaper and providing possibilities to use system that WAY! 2. EVERY GETON USER (BUYER OF ECOSYSTEM CRYPTOCURRENCIES) WANT JUST TO SELL THEIR CRYPTOCURRENCY AND EXIT!

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