WeWe Global "umbrella"

WeWe Global "umbrella"

Posted on : 18 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

WeWe Global "umbrella" protocol

The main purpose of this protocol is to set rules and parameters to manage and complete the so-called WeWe Global - Geton Startup Ecosystem "umbrella" process.

Geton's founder & development team are infinitely grateful and appreciate WeWe Global's cooperation and support.

For that reason and according to Geton's completion of the second development stage - Geton Startup Ecosystem and entering into the third development stage - Sell All - USDT Trading Order, we are publishing this WeWe Global "umbrella" protocol, with two main objectives:

1. GroshCoins, which were collected in WeWe Global wallets on GetonGlobal platform (GetonTrading: Gx28838b77c3292dacdac948ce2226e92d58a50c; Premium GetonTrading: Gx288394d029684ec39dd7aa67119619ba07d9aa; GetonGlobal: Gx4488865ca4993a7b68da441b0707e0b283c112) will not be destroyed - burned, but remains in total ownership of WeWe Global, hence WeWe Global can use that GroshCoins according to all available possibilities.

2. Geton's users which were eligible to exchange their GroshCoin into WeWe Points, according to WeWe Global's conditions,  and sent  GroshCoin to provided Gx addresses will receive equal amounts of sent GroshCoin back to their wallets - from Geton's Liquidity pool.

All users will receive an e-mail with all information regarding this protocol.

May, 2022

This protocol is based on the following situation

At the beginning of 2021 WeWe Global community made a proposal to all their community to give Geton’s community the possibility to convert the eligible amount of GROSH Coins into WeWe Points.

This proposal has been voted on and approved by WeWe Global community. The conversion process had been started by May 1st, 2021. Every user had the ability to use the official page www.groshtowewep.com and request to participate in this process.

GROSH Coin exchange into WeWe Points was based on Geton database algorithm calculations according to the database status by end of February 2021:

-       Those calculations count the difference between the incoming and outcoming transactions in the user's Geton’s Gx wallet.

-       Incoming Transactions represented all user's deposits to the Gx wallet and all received GROSH to the same Gx wallet sent from other users' Gx wallets.

-       Outgoing Transactions represented all user's withdrawals and all sent GROSH to other users from the same Gx wallet.

-       If the total value of your Incoming Transactions was higher than the total value of Outgoing Transactions the result of the counting was POSITIVE.

-       Therefore, the request and the specific amount of "swapped" GroshCoin to WeWe Points have been approved.

The process of claiming WeWe Points was as follows:

1.     User needs to Sign up to WeWe Global (through a referral link from your sponsor’s line)

2.     User needs to visit the official page www.groshtowewep.com and fill in the request form

All GROSH Coins which was exchanged in this manner were meant to be burned (destroyed) at the end of the process.


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