MetaStake Reward Eligibility

MetaStake Reward Eligibility

Posted on : 11 Jan, 2023    |    Last Update - 3 weeks ago   

According to the MetaStaking Protocol, the distribution of the first Rewarding block of 50 M MetaCoin has reached 73 distributions, through which 36.500.000  MetaCoin was distributed to eligible Stakeholders and transferred to their wallets on the Binance SmartChain network.

The purpose and goal of this giveaway are to support MetaCoin Trading activities and the growth of MetaCoin price on the global market and to distribute MetaCoin to global circulation.

Following the giveaway process, MetaStaking activities result in a lucrative MetaCoin price growth which positively affects all included and potentially the whole Geton Ecosystem community.
Not understanding that each MetaStaker is also a proportional owner of the whole ecosystem. Not acting with the diligence of a professional manager and in good faith does result in harmful consequences; thus, the Community Board will vote on a proposal to increase awareness and a collective spirit to gain success for all included.

The voting proposal is as follows:

To distribute the remaining part of the 50 M MetaCoin rewarding block, which is 13.500 M MetaCoin only to stakeholders who will agree and accept that the received MetaStaking Reward is allowed to be:
1.  transferred from the Binance Smart Chain back to GetonLedger (through a "Deposit" menu in Geton Investments) and used in Meta Staking or any other activity - freely.
2.  used in creating a MetaCoin Liquidity on PancakeSwap - such activity is an innovative and profitable way of selling MetaCoin if used correctly.
3.  transferred to another wallet where the balance is used by one of the above possibilities
If MetaStaker agrees with such a measure, they need to whitelist their wallet to become eligible for rewards from giveaways. Only whitelisted wallets are eligible to participate in the Geton Ecosystem selling offer.
Wallet whitelisting is not mandatory because not-whitelisted wallets still benefit from all other MetaStaking activities.
Whether MetaStaker decides to exit from participating, they can cancel their MetaStake and return their MetaCoins to their wallet on
The MetaStaking algorithm tracks whitelisted wallet activities. If they are recognized as violating and not respecting the above provisions, the wallet's active MetaStake will be canceled, and the wallet will be excluded from the MetaStaking activities. Such cancelation is not reversible and without any right to claim.
For that reason, choosing whether to participate in a community agreement or not is the stakeholders' free choice. Participating and respecting the agreement can bring only the consequences from which the whole Geton Ecosystem community would benefit.


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