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GetonMining's Purpose and Mission:

  1. Releasing tokens from the Geton Liquidity poll to the global market
  2. Increasing the demand on the global market for GetonCoin - price goes UP
  3. Supporting TSPE activities inside the GetonGlobal platform.
  • At the start, on the global market are just 416 GETON, GETON's price is 16.00 USDT;
  • Mining rewards are 1.25%/day (30 days), 2.50%/day (60 days), 5.00%/day (90 days);
  • 2,100,000 GETON in a mining-pool-> at halving, rewards will split in half;
  • Inside ecosystem are 52M (Community), 17M (LiquidityPool), 27M (Undistributed) GETON;
  • To transfer GETON out from the ecosystem, a user needs to complete the TSPE stake = and sell GETON to their own referral buyer, per system price (43.25 USD).


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