Merging process

Merging process

Posted on : 04 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 10 months ago   

Geton Whitepaper

MetaCoin Resolution


Merging process protocol

Following the whitepaper and resolution objectives, this "Merging process" protocol is setting guidelines for a process, where the following Geton Ecosystem platforms will be redirected and closed subsequently. 

Asset balances, currently credited to particular user accounts or Gx.. wallets inside individual (merging) platforms and collected as Ecosystem Community Supply will be available to bridge - transfer from one blockchain to another.

Currently, all Ecosystem Community Supply is inside the Ethereum Mainnet ecosystem wallet (not yet circulating globally because they represent "startup ecosystem emission"). Following the Geton Whitepaper cancelation measure and MetaCoin Resolution objectives, with this process, asset owners will become eligible to transfer (bridge) their assets into their Metamask wallets and use them at their discretion.

Asset balances are connected to the user's unique e-mail address, which they have used to register a particular wallet or trading account. 

Upon opening a MyGetonWallet account, the application will search all databases for particular asset balances and provide the trader with a bridge (import) them onto a GetonLedger blockchain, where their use will be in a complete trader's will. 

Once MyGetonWallet traders will bridge (import) assets, these options for a particular platform will disappear.

Whether trader (user) has more wallets (trading accounts) inside the platform, which is exposed to the merging process, they need to open (register) an individual MyGetonWallet account for each e-mail that they were using in that platform - otherwise MyGetonWallet is not able to process the search and enable trader (user) to bridge (import) assets.

Bridging (importing) assets from merged platforms onto GetonLedger, through MyGetonWallet will be open until 31.12.2022. Traders (users) will receive several reminders by email.


Time schedule for this merging process:

  • MetaCoin Token Sale starts on February 13th, 2022, and lasts until May 29th, 2022.
  • GetonInvestments with a "prelaunch" Trading order, where traders are trading & burning assets from Geton Liquidity Pool is open from March 12th, 2022.
  • Detailed check and revision of all asset balances inside individual merging platforms.
  • Launching the GetonSupport website with as many as possible explanations and guidelines.
    • An email with an intention explanation to all registered users from an individual merging platform;
    • Telegram announcement;
    • Three (3) days transition period to enable users for possible asset accumulation in one wallet (account).
  • Launching MyGetonWallet and closing all merging platforms.
    • Email to all Ecosystem users;
    • Telegram announcement.
  • GetonInvestments "prelaunch" Trading order upgrade to:
    • USDT Trading Order, where traders are trading & burning assets from their own MetaMask wallets;
    • Transfer (bridge) assets (inside GetonInvestments dashboard) from the GetonLedger network to Binance SmartChain and trade on GetonSwap or anywhere available;
    • Deposit (bridge) assets (inside GetonInvestments dashboard) from Ethereum Mainnet or Binance SmartChain networks to GetonLedger.
      • Email to existing GetonInvestments users
      • Email to all Ecosystem users
      • Telegram announcement

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