About GetonLedger

About GetonLedger

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 10 months ago   

GetonLedger is an open, permissioned network based on the Ethereum protocol. To reach a consensus on a global state, it uses a Proof of Authority consensus algorithm. GetonLedger consensus is a straightforward and efficient form of Proof of Stake with known validators.


Importance of GetonLedger

The basic purpose is to enable users to transfer (bridge) Ecosystem Community Supply from the Ethereum network to GetonLedger and enable asset holders to have 100% control over their assets - with Metamask.

It enables MyGetonWallet and GetonTrading operations -  assets transfer confirmations, whether sending them to another wallet, creating Trading Order, withdrawing (bridge) them from GetonLedger to the Binance SmartChain network and use them on the global space.

Additional usability possibilities arise because GetonLedger is a public, open network. It is ready to support i.e. Decentralized apps (DApps), Proof of Physical Address (PoPA) DApps, Proof of Bank Account DApps, Proof of Social Network DApps, Proof of Phone Number DApps, and Governance DApps.

GetonLedger is an Inexpensive Network because it provides inexpensive consensus to secure the network. Users can run Ethereum programs on POA Network and spend less money on transaction fees.

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