Blockchain Company Registry

Blockchain Company Registry

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 6 months ago   

- GetonPlus - register of InstantBeta projects, platforms to release tokens from undistributed (Business Development supply) to users through their activities. According to the J-curve graph, those activities trigger the DPMC mechanism. Cryptocurrencies earned in this way were received by users directly into their ERC-20 wallets and traded on the open market;

- GetonDirect together with GetonFund - a mechanism for the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies on the open market, thereby increasing demand, and consequently prices or at least liquidity and their injection back into the ecosystem.

- GetonExchange is an exchange platform where ecosystem users can trade with cryptocurrencies - at a price dictated by the DPMC.

- GetonNews - the official channel for ecosystem news and information.

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