Geton Startup Ecosystem

Geton Startup Ecosystem

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 3 months ago   

- Project platforms - structures of InstantBeta projects - PiplShare, PronWorld, GetonHealth and LifeOnScreen;

- Marketing platforms - GetonTrading, PremiumGetonTrading, and GetonGlobal. These were structures for promoting and trading in these cryptocurrencies.


Tutorials and links to "expired" interfaces to prove GetonTrading, PremumGetonTrading, and GetonGlobal functionalities:


GetonGlobal: How to register with a referral invitation and how to verify your account







GetonGlobal: How to deposit funds - FIAT currency







GetonGlobal: How to deposit funds - Cryptocurrencies (BTC)







GetonGlobal: How to transfer funds between Geton users or platforms







GetonGlobal: How to buy tokens, stake tokens and collect stake rewards







GetonGlobal: How to SWAP GROSH to EUROGROSH tokens







GetonGlobal: How to withdraw funds - FIAT currency (SEPA)







GetonGlobal: How to withdraw funds - Bitcoin







GetonGlobal: How to change my IBAN / Bank account number







GetonGlobal - How to register and verify your account as a Company









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