DPMC price modeling

DPMC price modeling

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 6 months ago   

DPMC - Dynamic Price Modeling Concept

This concept is in advance predicted and limited mechanism for releasing (distributing) cryptocurrency from Business Development Supply (BDS), to reward users on the supported InstantBeta platform for activities that are adding value to that supported project's market share. 


DPMC - The formula (algorithm)

Cryptocurrency supplies, price, and final market capitalization in our ecosystem can be predicted — by formula, following the progress of supported InstantBeta.  Everything in nature (also "we") is somehow possible to explain by the "golden ratio" (the constant inside DPMC), and also presented by the natural logarithm curve. 


Relation between Final supply and Final DPMC price:

DPMC Formula

Relation between existing BDS and price:


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