POS (Proof-Of-Stake)

POS (Proof-Of-Stake)

Posted on : 10 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 6 months ago   

POS:  Proof-Of-Stake

The purpose of POS stake, besides token sale from the liquidity pool, is to reward one POS stake winner, with accumulated USDT from 25% of the stake budget, and enable all stakeholders to get the purchased amount of cryptocurrency available for withdrawal out from the ecosystem.

  • stake value in USDT =24.00 USDT;
  • commissions: there are no commissions in POS stake;
  • staking periods: 24h, 48h, 168h, 720h;
  • available to withdraw purchased amount of cryptocurrency.

POS stake structure is organized as follows:

  • 75% for buying staked cryptocurrency;
  • 25% for POS stake reward — to one wallet


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