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Referral link

Posted on : 11 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 month ago   

Geton Whitepaper

MetaCoin Resolution


Referral link protocol

Following the whitepaper and resolution objectives, this "Referral link" protocol is setting guidelines for using a referral link feature inside the GetonInvestments platform.


Geton is a community-based ecosystem designed for that community, to deploy and also use dedicated cryptocurrencies in a specific way.

Correct understanding, following Geton's official instructions and guidelines, and sharing the truth, are vital and most important!

On the GetonInvestment platform, based on the referral link Order-book structure, each existing user (trader) can promote Geton, in the correct way!

When sending a referral link to anyone, explain to the invited person how the functionality of Trading Order is working inside the Order-book structure, with known advantages and limitations.

When presenting and sharing the idea, is important to be responsible otherwise consequences harm the whole community and also yourself. Your first motivation must never be harmful or offensive feelings or actions, otherwise, we Geton can not and will not even respond to possible "victims" of such behavior.

For that reason, Geton doesn't have any official promotor or so-called "leader", "ambassador", CNO", etc. If anyone is presenting to you by such title, and referring you to opening the account in GetonInvestments Order-Book structure, consider that as harmful and act accordingly.

Geton Community Board members are not allowed to have, neither they nor their family members, referred trading accounts inside the Order-Book structure of the GetonInvestments platform.

The functionality "Register" through which the global community can use the corporate "referral link" represents an invitation from the "genesis" GetonInvestments Order-book structure.

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