Geton Community Board

Geton Community Board

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Geton Whitepaper

MetaCoin Resolution



Geton is a community-based ecosystem. Inside this ecosystem, several development stages were vital, to present and empower more than 300,000 users with correct understanding and using tools like DPMC, J-curve, GROSH Mining Stake, POS StakeTSPE Trading order, and GetonMining. At this moment, the total value of assets in community hands is exceeding 4 B USD. 


Geton Community Board protocol

Following the whitepaper and resolution objectives, this "Geton Community Board" protocol is setting principles for how Geton Community Board is in a role ensuring Geton Community's prosperity by collectively directing community affairs while meeting the appropriate interests of tokenized shareholders and relevant stakeholders.


Basic identity of Geton Community Board:

The Community Board members collectively direct Geton Community affairs by following the initial idea and guidelines to provide a safe and transparent cryptocurrency trading environment while meeting the appropriate interests of all included.

Geton Ecosystem is community-based.
Through META Staking, each community stakeholder receives proportional income from Geton's total revenue. By tokenization supported by GetonLedger and MetaCoin, stakeholders are commercial co-owners.
On a monthly Board Meeting, stakeholders with more than 1M MetaCoin in META Stake can participate in the Board Meeting. Each member can vote and sp-decide about actual Geton Ecosystem's voting proposals.
All Board conclusions are published on GetonSupport / Community Board / Reports.


META Staking

META Staking is the way to collectively direct and earns from Geton Ecosystem's operations by following the initial idea and guidelines to provide a safe and transparent cryptocurrency trading environment while meeting the appropriate interests of all included.


META Staking is integrated into the GetonInvestments platform, where a user is already managing assets through MetaMask.
Opening the META Staking menu will offer three (3) different staking packages:
1. 10,000.00 META Stake
2. 100,000.00 META Stake
3. 1,000,000.00 META Stake
Following the process, the user must confirm MetaCoin transfer into Staking Wallet.


Menu META Staking has four (4) submenus, through which you can track what is happening with your Stake and authorize staking incomes and use them to your preferences. Particularly the submenus have the following functionalities:
Create Stake: Choose between staking packages according to available balance.
Income History: Check and authorize staking income from different sources.
Income Authorizations: The history of all income authorizations.

How does it work?

All stakeholders are sending their MetaCoin to the staking wallet. When transferred, users get details about their active Stake. If they already have an active stake and add additional staking assets, their active stake details will upgrade with new total values. Every Monday, newly collected MetaCoins are bridged to the Binance SmartChain network, using the same wallet address as on GetonLedger, with a granted role to bridge tokens.
According to stakeholder percentage, total income in USDT from MetaCoin sales on and is distributed, and selling amounts are proportionally reset. According to the actual stakeholding percentage, stakeholder receives additional staking income. The list of staking income sources is as follows:
- Income from MetaCoin Sales on the global market,
- META Stake income authorizations,
- Trading Order Income authorizations,
- Income from GetonCommunity MetaCoin Sales on the global market,
- Income from PiplCoin Sales on the global market,
- Income from PronCoin Sales on the global market,
- Income from GetonCoin Sales on the global market.
The stakeholder can not cancel and demand staked MetaCoin back because the transaction is irreversible. The stakeholder can always add MetaCoin to the active Stake and increase their stakeholding percentage.


Global Trading

Global Trading is the way to collectively trade on the global market and earn proportionally from total sales. In this way, all ecosystem users (traders) can reasonably experience higher liquidity and sustainable growth in the tokenized ecosystem where they participate.


Global Trading is happening on the international markets. Starting with GetonSwap and Pancakeswap, we plan to list tokens on additional sources, depending on evolution. We promote such by integrating the Binance SmartChain network because the bridge from GetonLedger is designed to burn tokens on getonLedger and mint them on Binance SmartChain.

How is it working?

Every Monday, newly collected tokens (assets) are bridged to the Binance SmartChain network and put into selling order.
Steady income from token sales is bridged to GetonLedger. Geton weekly distribute that income proportionally between stakeholders. Participation is according to the stakeholding percentage in META Stake.
Reports are published on GetonSupport / META Staking / Report.
Traders who purchase tokens (assets) can bridge them into their wallets on GetonLedger and use them according to their preferences.

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