Geton Community Board

Geton Community Board

Posted on : 11 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 month ago   

Geton Whitepaper

MetaCoin Resolution



Geton is a community-based ecosystem. Inside this ecosystem, several development stages were vital, to present and empower more than 300,000 users with correct understanding and using tools like DPMC, J-curve, GROSH Mining Stake, POS StakeTSPE Trading order, and GetonMining. At this moment, the total value of assets in community hands is exceeding 4 B USD. 


Geton Community Board protocol

Following the whitepaper and resolution objectives, this "Geton Community Board" protocol is setting principles for how Geton Community Board is in a role ensuring Geton Community's prosperity by collectively directing community affairs while meeting the appropriate interests of tokenized shareholders and relevant stakeholders.


Basic identity of Geton Community Board:

  • Geton Community Board is based on MataCoin (META).
  • Total (final) Community Board shareholding capitalization is 100,000,000 MetaCoin. The collection - candidature period is starting from June 1st, 2022, and lasts until June 30th, 2022, or when 100,000,000 MetaCoin will be collected in the Geton Community Board shareholding wallet - whatever will happen first. Each interested individual should open a support ticket and explain their intention through GetonSupport. Minimum entering participation is 1,000,000 MetaCoin. Collected MetaCoins are staked permanently. Future Geton Community Board members are able to buy shares (position) proportionally from the existing members. The existing members also have a pre-emption right to buy MetaCoin from the Geton Community Board shareholding wallet if any member wishes to sell.
  • Geton Community Board members are eligible to receive a proportional part of Geton Community Board income, which represents:
    • Income from selling MetaCoin shares to new members of Geton Community Board shareholding wallet
    • Income form Trading Order authorization fee
    • InstantBeta selling or monetising income

MetaCoin participation principles:

  • The initial entering period for Geton Community Board candidates participating in MetaCoin from the Private, Public, or Token sale stage is from June 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2022. 
  • From July 1st onward candidates will be able to become Geton Community Board members just by buying MetaCoin from the Geton Community Board shareholding wallet.

Other principles and conditions for Geton Community Board members:

  • Geton Community Board member can not be an individual, who is also recognized as a trader with Trading Order inside the GetonInvestments Order-Book (existing Board candidates were not familiar with this provision and are informed to decide whether they still wish to be a community board members or not);
  • Also, close relatives and family members of Geton Community Board members can not be recognized as traders with Trading Order inside the GetonInvestments Order-Book;
  • Geton Community Board members can have in a possession of Geton Ecosystem cryptocurrency, which they can use everywhere, except in Trading Order in GetonInvestments Order-Book.
  • Geton Community Board members are functioning collectively with other members.
  • Geton Community Board members can propose any voting proposal, to which the whole Geton Community votes. Voting is supported by MetaCoin. 
  • Geton Community Board members are the executive body to realize the officially accepted (voted) proposal results.

Results, reports, and all official information will be public and available to the Geton Ecosystem community.

Geton Community Board's first task - the challenge is: "if and how Geton Ecosystem will continue with operations from September 2022". 

For this reason is vital how the founder and existing Geton team will communicate, manage and lead the transition period, follow set protocols and be able to set up an effective Community Board.

This protocol is exposed to upgrades and changes, which will be reported, noted, and possible to track.

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