META Trading Order

META Trading Order

Posted on : 16 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

Geton Whitepaper

MetaCoin Resolution


META Trading Order protocol

Following the whitepaper and resolution objectives, this "META Trading Order" protocol sets guidelines for correctly, efficiently, and safely using a Trading Order feature inside the GetonInvestments Referral structure.

Trading Order functionality must:
- be simple and easy to understand correctly and safe;
- provide to all community members selling assets per DPMC final price;
- lead to permanent destruction (burning) of sold assets;
- open new and feasible possibilities after the period of expiration;
- enable the community to participate actively and so-create further development steps.

META Trading Order:
- is upgraded version of TOKEN Trading Order functionality, where traders receive trading income in USDT while transferring tokens from circulation to a dedicated META Liquidity Pool;
- through META Trading Order only MetaCoin is eligible to trade;
- traders are trading through Meta Trading Order in the same Trading Pool and Referral structures like they set up through the TOKEN Trading Order activities - and vise-versa.


Platforms or websites to enable and support using META Trading Order:

3. Geton.Investments
4. Geton.Community

META Trading Order Protocol:

META Trading Order (“trading order”)
    - Trader should have adequate balance in USDT, Asset which is selling, and MetaCoin to pay blockchain gas and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.
    - When creating META Trading Orders, traders choose the MetaCoin package to trade through. 
    - Order is positioned into one (1.) level or Referral structure and/or Geton Investments Trading Pool. The order creation process should be confirmed with MetaMask (two (2) confirmations):
    - Order positioning fee in USDT (non-reversible) 
    - Asset sell order – asset transfer to “Liquidity pool” (non-reversible)
    - Important! Do not leave the page or click anywhere when a process is active!
    - Positioning order means that trading order is:
        - buying 66% from 1. active trading order of the referral, plus 34% from “Trading pool” and 
        - selling 66% to 1. active trading of the referred trader, plus 34% from the “Trading pool.”
    - If the referral trader above the order creator does not have an active order, they will receive a notification of missing trading income, and the system will set that “selling” income to the Trading Pool. 
    - The percentages of spent order positioning fee distribution: 
        - 66 % to referral's trading order;
        - 34 % to the Trading pool.
 - The percentages of received order positioning fee distribution: 
        - 66 % from referred trading orders;
        - 34 % proportionally from the Trading pool.
    - If traders with active Trading orders don’t have any trader in referred structure, they will receive just proportional trading incomes from the Trading pool.
    - Twice per day system distributes trading incomes from the Trading Pool to all trading orders proportionally, depending on the total value of the active trading order per trader;
    - Meta Trading Order values are 210, 410, 810, 1610, 3210, and 6410 USDT;
        - 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, or 3200 USDT is the order positioning fee – returned when the order is complete;
        - 110, 210, 410, 810, 1610, or 3210 USDT value in selling an asset (MetaCoin);
    - Trading order income (depending on order value) is always 210, 410, 810, 1610, 3210, or 6410 USDT;
    - When an order is completed, a trader needs to authorize a USDT transfer;
        - Authorization fee is 10 USDT
    - Trader can Cancel Trading orders anytime;
        - All collected trading incomes become available to use;
        - Trader gets only the amount of trading income accumulated before cancelation and does not get the remaining “possible” trading income;

- The Meta Trading Order management interface has five (5) menus:
    - Create Order
        - Trader chooses an available asset to sell and a list of Trading Orders (according to the balances in their wallet) available or not available to create;
        - System check balances and Meta Trading Order creation eligibility;
        - Trader confirms the Trading order specification;
        - Trader confirms positioning Trading Order in Referral structure - with paying order positioning fee (USDT) – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!
        - Trader confirms MetaCoin sell order – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!
        - These two transactions are irreversible – funds cannot be returned.
    - Active Order
        - Specification of trader's Active Meta Trading Order;
        - Trader can always Cancel the active Meta Trading Order and have the amount of collected trading income available. Assets traded through the canceled Meta Trading Order are not possible to claim;

    - Income History
        - Income History with a command to Authorize a Trading Income - The authorization fee is 10 USDT. – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!
    - Meta Trading Orders
        - List of trader's Meta Trading Orders;
    - Income Authorizations
        - List of all trader's Income authorizations.


The main purpose of this protocol is to organize and manage vital activities to achieve the set goals:

    - Enable users (traders) to transfer (bridge) their assets to the Binance SmartChain network and trade with them on PancakeSwap - using the Metamask.
    - Provide to users a dedicated trading environment, through a Referral structure and dedicated Trading Order (buy-sell) - GetonInvestments.
    - Create a free web interface (MyGetonWallet) helping and enabling users to interact with the GetonLedgerblockchain. 
    - Create and follow several protocols also to explain and manage started or pending InstantBeta projects.
    - Establish the "Geton Community Board" through which Geton's idea will live, expand, and be transparently managed. 

For this reason is vital how the founder and existing Geton team will communicate, manage and lead the transition period, follow set protocols and be able to set up an effective Community Board, through which also the community will be able to realize most of the possibilities and its potential by collectively directing community affairs while meeting the appropriate interests of tokenized shareholders and relevant stakeholders.

This protocol is exposed to upgrades and changes, which will be reported, noted, and tracked.

Updated: December 2022

First published: May 2022

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