MetaCoin Resolution - 2022

MetaCoin Resolution - 2022

Posted on : 22 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

This document has been upgraded and replaced with MetaCoin Resolution - 2023, effective May 2023.

Most of the content remains unchanged, with only upgraded functionalities in the Geton Ecosystem being explained accordingly.

The original content:



The founder's initial idea: "We, modern people, can understand, use and treat cryptocurrencies differently, safely, and more effectively than a "speculative" instrument!", seems too hard to be correctly understood and even harder to implement into our daily life - or founder's idea is not good.


Geton Startup Ecosystem was founded and designed to support and promote (tokenized) Instantbeta projects, using the DPMC model, J-Curve, and GROSH Stake. Community interaction was through Supportive platforms, Project platforms, and/or Marketing platforms.


At the end of 2021, it was noticeable just one clear message:

1. Nobody is interested in initial Geton’s idea, PRESENTED in Whitepaper and providing possibilities to use the system that WAY!



Geton's answer to that situation is to:

  • Create and launch POA blockchain (GetonLedger) and enable users to bridge their assets to that network or bridge them further to another compatible network – from the ecosystem’s supply into globally circulating supplies, and asset owners will be able to freely manage their tokens – using MetaMask;
  • Provide users with (a free) official wallet to interact with GetonLedger and other public sources - the MyGetonWallet;
  • Merge all Project platforms & Marketing platforms and keep just one Supportive platform –;
  • Create a dedicated referral trading structure based on the principles of the Merkle Tree used in computing science applications to encode blockchain data more efficiently and securely.
  • Introduce two customized forms of Trading Orders enabling traders to sell their assets per ecosystem price and further burn (permanently destroy) sold assets:
    • Primary (USDT - based) Trading Order will enable traders to sell assets per USDT and to withdraw trading income in USDT. The feature will be active on from May 2022 to December 2022 – using MetaMask is mandatory.
    • Secondary (if the primary feature is understood and accepted by traders, Geton Community Board will vote), all active USDT Trading orders will continue until competition. The idea of a MetaCoin (META) based Trading Order is already under development and will be introduced if Community Board approves it  – using MetaMask will still be mandatory.
  • Provide a global, decentralized “exchange”, where asset owners can swap assets directly – using MetaMask. Preferrable on PancakeSwap


Guidelines to fulfill and realize the above (resolution) objectives are set inside the following Protocols:

  • Merging process
  • Referral link
  • Geton Community Board
  • TOKEN Trading Order
  • META Trading Order


MetaCoin Resolution

Following all the above parameters, this MetaCoin Resolution's purposes are to:

1. Transparently direct and adopt all vital measures which can enable the Geton community to efficiently sell their assets and exit from somewhere where they don't want to be;

2. Help and support everyone, who is afraid of having control over their assets, afraid of change, or not realizing being trapped into a very dangerous "thinking pattern".


"I don't know the future, and I also didn't create Geton and come into your life to tell you how this will end. Following the principles stated inside our MetaCoin Resolution, I plan to show you how it is going to begin. And then I intend to help you deny the fear of missing opportunity (speculation), which is making you more and more afraid, afraid of change and seeing the possibilities. I will be working hard to develop an environment without unnecessary boundaries and speculation, a world where anything good for people is possible, where creativity and innovation occur. Wherever we go from, there is also Your choice." (May 2022, Milan Kozlevcar)


The hierarchy for decision-making criteria:

  1. Geton Community
  2. GetonLedger & MyGetonWallet
  3. Geton Community Board
    • Order-Book
    • Trading Order
    • InstantBeta
    • Assets
  4. GetonSupport

All crucial decisions follow the above hierarchy, and no matter how painful some situations can be, Geton will always follow this as an obligatory objective.


I m p o r a n t   F a c t s  t o  t h i s  M e t a C o i n  R e s o l u t i o n:


In this specific life stage of the Geton Startup Ecosystem, many Supportive & Project platforms will be set to maintenance mode and merged into one. What is the reason?

After almost one year of use and overall satisfaction (2020), no one did not complain that something was not clear and understood. Then, at the end of 2020, everyone had “problems with use and understanding” - but from Geton's side, all vital features were unchanged, except security measures and user experience upgrades! The only result of misuse and misunderstanding gets logical results. Also, from spreading fake news and creating social media profiles where many users became victims of malicious and offensive content and many sorts of blackmailing and violence, the community has become confused and started searching for reasons for not effectively trading their assets in the wrong place.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, Geton’s founder decided to set many platforms in maintenance mode and keep only the vital ones. Another important measure was establishing clear public communication (on his own) through Zoom meetings every two days in different languages (all recordings are publicly available on At the same time, the founder stopped and dissolved all “promotors” or so-called “leaders” – users who have invited the majority of members through their referral links, because overall understanding by the community side was dangerously wrong and ineffective for everyone, hence the situation could be just worse.

GROSH Stake completed in March 2021, and the ecosystem gets its even more profitable upgrade, called TSPE Stake (Token Sale Practise Exercise – why, to help understand and to provide users a fundamental and profitable version of buying/selling tokens without any risk to lose initial purchase value – and the outcome was always USDT, not GROSH (cryptocurrency) like before. All users who have completed their TSPE Stakes could always withdraw trading income!
From March 2021 to April 2022, Geton has announced and published several live solutions and possibilities. Neither was noticeably accepted (TSPE Stake, POS Stake, GetonEstate, GetonHealth, two PiplShare variants, GetonMining).

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