About Geton Investments

About Geton Investments

Posted on : 03 Aug, 2022    |    Last Update - 9 months ago   

Initially, geton.investments was an explanatory website, introducing Geton Startup Ecosystem, preferably promoting Instantbeta projects, the DPMC model, J-Curve, and GROSH Stake. This platform was put into maintenance mode in a specific life stage of the Geton Startup Ecosystem.

From April 2022, GetonInvestments is open, representing a trading platform founded on the belief that everyone’s basic human right is to control their own assets, data, and identity. The World and its Economy are off Balance. We believe that the only way to change the big picture is to reintroduce the values of Trust, Transparency, Respect, and Empathy. Geton's approach through decentralization holds the key to empowering people worldwide to better safeguard their rights. We are helping the world move in this direction by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrency. With GetonInvestments and TradingOrder, you will meet and utilize Trustless Trust and become your authority because the Trading Order will put You in Control of your assets, data, and identity. And GetonInvestments is also our answer to the situation.
To sign-up for a new account, you must receive a referral link invitation from the existing Trader or Sign Up directly into the Trading Pool. Using MetaMask is mandatory; it is your safe way to Sign In.


Creating an account:

The website is optimized for desktop use, not mobile. Because safety and functionality are designed through MetaMask, you may use only browsers supporting that extension.

To create an account, you must receive a referral link invitation from an already active account or use a corporate referral link by choosing the option »Register«.

Further, you need to enter your email address, set a safe password, and connect your account with the Ethereum wallet (0x...), which you control through MetaMask.

You will receive a verification email, where you need to click on the link or copy that link to your browser address.

Features explained through menu sequence:

  • Dashboard

    • Switch between networks

    • Link to notifications

    • Profile setting and Sign-Out

    • Connected wallet address with asset balances

    • Fast links to account settings and support

    • Last trader’s transaction

    • Wallet balances

  • Notifications

    • Notification List

  • Transactions

    • Transaction history with filter, organized from oldest to newest

  • Deposit

    • The deposit request interface, where the trader chooses the amount, asset, and deposit method and confirms the request with MetaMask.

  • Transfer

    • Transfer request interface: traders need to enter the recipient’s wallet address and amount to transfer, choose an asset from the dropdown and write a note to the recipient. Transfers are possible only between wallets actively connected with platform accounts.

  • Withdraw

    • Withdraw request interface, where traders choose the amount, asset, and withdrawal method and confirm the request with MetaMask.

  • USDT Trading Order (“order”)

    • USDT Trading Order protocol:

      • The trader should have an adequate balance in USDT, the Asset that is selling, and MetaCoin to pay blockchain gas and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

      • When creating USDT Trading Order, traders choose assets to sell and specify the number of orders to create.

      • Order is positioned into 6 - levels designed Order book; hence trader will need to confirm the order creation process with MetaMask (two (2) confirmations):

        • Order positioning fee in USDT (non-reversible)

        • Asset sell order – asset transfer to “Trading pool” (non-reversible)

      • Important! Do not leave the page or click anywhere when the process is active!

      • Positioning order means that trading order is:

        • buying 66% from 6 active trading orders above, plus 34% from “Trading pool” and

        • selling 66% from 6 active trading orders below, plus 34% from the “Trading pool.”

        • If any of the six traders above the order creator does not have an active order, they will receive a notification of missing trading income, and the system will set that “selling” income to the first active trading order above.

        • Trading income is distributed by the following percentages:

          • 6 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 9 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 12 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 18 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 12 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 9 % to first active trading order above trader;

          • 34 % to the Trading pool.

        • If traders with active Trading orders don’t have any trader in the order book structure, they will receive just proportional trading incomes from the Trading pool.

        • Twice per day system distributes trading incomes from the Trading Pool to all trading orders proportionally, depending on the total value of the active trading order per trader.

        • The trading order value is 200, 1000, or 2000 USDT

          • 100, 500, or 1000 USDT order positioning fee – returned when order complete

          • 100, 500, or 1000 USDT value in selling an asset

        • Trading order income is (depending on order value) always 200, 1000, or 2000 USDT

        • When an order is completed, a trader needs to authorize a USDT transfer

          • The authorization fee is 10 USDT

        • The trader can Cancel Trading orders anytime

          • All collected trading incomes become available to use

          • Trader loose remaining “possible” trading income

          • The cancelation fee is 0 USDT

        • When the USDT Trading feature expires, all active but not completed trading orders will be closed, and traders can authorize collected USDT if they are higher than 10 USDT. Active orders with less than 10 USDT collected will be discarded.

    • The trading Order management interface has five (5) submenus

      • Create Order

        • The trader chooses an available asset to sell

        • System check balances and Trading Order creation eligibility

        • Trader confirms the Trading order specification

        • Trader confirms Order-book’s order positioning fee (USDT) – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!

        • Trader confirms Asset sell order – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!

        • These two transactions are irreversible – funds cannot be returned.

      • Active Order

      • Income History

      • Trading Orders

      • Income Authorizations

  • Referred

    • List of referred traders with trader’s Referral link.

  • Tickets

    • Trader’s communication with support agent or platform admin

  • Settings

    • Trader’s profile settings

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