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GetonTrading, PremiumGetonTrading, and GetonGlobal. These were structures for promoting and trading in these cryptocurrencies.

The marketing platforms were based on the "Grossus blockchain" using GossusCoin (GROSH) as a fuel. The trading mechanism that used the token DPMC model to form the price of cryptocurrencies was built into the buy and sell trading orders, GROSH Mining Stake.

Traders (users) who acquired the appropriate cryptocurrencies on InstantBeta platforms were able to:

- open a GROSH Mining Stake for 100 days. After 100 days, such a stake has the same value in the cryptocurrency used, plus a reward in GROSH coin. That "rewarding" was actually created - released from GroshCoin mining and represented a proportionate amount of GroshCoin flowed into circulation.

- Traders (users) were able to exchange the income (sell GroshCoin) in the "withdraw" mechanism inside the Grosh exchange pool - later upgraded to "GROSH Swap."

- Traders (users) who entered the ecosystem or wanted to buy additional cryptocurrencies with GroshCoin were buying them from the exchange pool - according to the timestamp of the sales order sequence. The buyers of these vouchers were users who bought GroshCoin through the "deposit" mechanism - thus buying a GROSH voucher that they could use to buy cryptocurrency or pass it on to others. The seller received the revenue in EUR to the specified bank account and/or in the form of BTC to the provided BTC address.

- Traders (users) were always buying cryptocurrencies through the Grosh Mining stake mechanism from those selling them with a 32% and 45% discount, respectively, with GroshCoin. Mechanism assigned that income into the structure above the buyer (their invitees). Cryptocurrency sellers received from 68% to 55%. The system charged a 1% commission on transfers.

- GroshCoin was pegged to 1 EUR, currently 1.20 USDT.

- For each GROSH Mining Stake, a liquidity pool system that accumulated those cryptocurrencies purchased by the ecosystem due to the operation of the DPMC mechanism with GroshCoin created twice the value of the same trading order for each GROSH Mining Stake order. By 10 March 2021, 210 M GroshCoin had been distributed among traders (users) of marketing platforms. The Grosh Mining stake mechanism results that approximately 1/3 of available cryptocurrencies had been collected in the liquidity pool. The exact balances are presented in the "Official wallets."

At the end of 2020, it became clear for the first time that the community may not want this kind of innovative environment for the development of tokenized projects. Still, all prefer to trade cryptocurrencies in a "speculative" way. Hence, the appearance of a mass of "fake news," various malicious acts, and a general misunderstanding of the Geton concept. Indeed, all users have their cryptocurrencies constantly available. They can use them according to the possibilities offered, but by no means has Geton ever been a platform for investing, investing money for interest, or managing users' assets. Everyone has always just traded the cryptocurrency they have - either through organized mechanisms or in the global market, but it can also be directly among users through the OTC.

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