000_Liquidity Pool

000_Liquidity Pool

Posted on : 01 Sep, 2022    |    Last Update - 8 months ago   

Geton Investments platform enables traders to use the Trading Order functionality from 12-03-2022.

Within the first development stage, traders could sell and burn assets (cryptocurrency) from the Liquidity pool and receive a trading income in USDT without selling (burning) their tokens.

From August 2022, traders are selling and burning their assets (cryptocurrency) in Trading Orders.

The supplies which were sold and transferred from
the Liquidity Pool to an Assets Deflationary Wallet are as follows:

PiplCoin (PIPL): 6,851.85000000
PronCoin (PRON): 5.25000000
GetonCoin (GETON): 1,200.00000000


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