MetaStaking rewards

MetaStaking rewards

Posted on : 24 Oct, 2022    |    Last Update - 3 months ago   

GetonLedger is an open, permissioned network based on the Ethereum protocol, with the native cryptocurrency MetaCoin - required by the network for users to interact with the network.

Geton Ecosystem operates through user interaction; they own authority and can so-create each new moment of ecosystem existence. They are using MetaMask and having own assets under total and sole control. Platforms and applications represent an environment where users execute their operations. Thus Geton Ecosystem is not able to offer and does not offer any support to users. Yet users interact with each other by using the referral link, sharing the actual user experience on Geton Community and the so-developing Ecosystem.

META Staking is the way to direct GetonEcosystem collectively. Stakeholders earn from Geton Ecosystem's operations — following the initial idea and guidelines to provide a safe and transparent cryptocurrency trading environment while meeting the appropriate interests of all included.

The Collective Global Trading, together with MetaStaking and managing the Community Affairs, represents a unique and fair business model where all participants benefit if they respect the agreement they accept. Understanding the concepts of MetaStaking and how the Geton Ecosystem is structured can bring only the consequences from which the whole Geton Ecosystem community would benefit. Decentralized ownership with collective decision-making, sharing tasks and knowledge, and collectively executing trading activities is just a logical result when a more safe and stable cryptocurrency trading environment can exist and grow.

MetaStaking shareholders with stakes larger than 1 M MetaCoin are establishing Geton Community Board.

To support Trading Order activities, META Staking activities and Geton Community Board setup, the Geton funder rewards stakeholders with MetaCoin directly available on the Binance SmartChain network.
These rewards are based on MetaCoin ICO activities, from the wallet, participating in the initial MetaCoin presale stages. 

In detail, 500.000.000 MetaCoin will be distributed through 100 daily staking blocks of 500.000 MetaCoion, available directly on the Binance SmartChain and tradeable on PancakeSwap or elsewhere based on the Binance SmartChain.

... for the possible MetaStaking block distribution, the Geton Community Board will vote and decide about all details. 

MetaCoin trading activity is available on:

Published, October 2022
Updated, January 2023


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