Import tokens

Import tokens

Posted on : 04 May, 2022    |    Last Update - 9 months ago   

How to Add Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask?

Looking for a specific ERC-20 token? Here's how to add your custom tokens and turn on the auto-detection feature.

MetaMask as a wallet and browser extension is fully compatible with any ERC-20 standard token. By now, you’ve probably loaded your new account and begun trading for other well-known ERC-20 & BEP-20 tokens. As you slither further and further down the rabbit hole, you may want to add custom tokens attached to niche projects to your wallet.

Please do your research before adding any token to your MetaMask wallet. As anyone can create an ERC-20 or BEP-20 token, only interact with reputable projects.


What should you do when you can’t find your custom token in the drop-down list?

You may have noticed that MetaMask’s token list isn’t exhaustive (a total of 387,972 ERC-20 tokens and 10,603 ERC-721 tokens have been minted on Ethereum.) Don’t fret. You can still add tokens that don’t automatically appear in the provided search list. This tutorial will explain two easy ways to add custom tokens to your MetaMask wallet. 


Geton Ecosystem token smart contracts and networks:

When importing a particular token, make sure, that you select the appropriate network (blockchain) and later choose a token smart contract.


Step 1: Open Metamask, and select the appropriate network (blockchain) where you will use your custom token. and 'left" menu: Assets

Step 2: In Metamask, scroll down to "footer" and find the link "Import tokens".

Step 3: Select the "right" menu Custom token. Paste the Token contract address that you have found in Knowledgebase and other data will fill automatically. Confirm by clicking on the blue button "Add Custom Token"


Repeat the same process for each network (blockchain) and each token.


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