META Staking

META Staking

Posted on : 03 Sep, 2022    |    Last Update - 5 months ago   

META Staking is the way to collectively direct and earns from Geton Ecosystem's operations — following the initial idea and guidelines to provide a safe and transparent cryptocurrency trading environment while meeting the appropriate interests of all included.

META Staking protocol:

META Staking is possible through a stake of six (6) different staking packages:
1. 1,000.00 META Stake
2. 5,000.00 META Stake
3. 10,000.00 META Stake
4. 100,000.00 META Stake
5. 500,000.00 META Stake
6. 1,000,000.00 META Stake

Following the process, the user must confirm the MetaCoin transfer into Staking Pool Wallet.

- The Meta Staking management interface has five (5) menus:
    - Create Stake
        - Stakeholder chooses a MetaCoin staking package (according to the balances in their wallet) available or not available to create a stake;
        - System check balances and Meta Stake creation eligibility;
        - Stakeholder confirms the staking specification;
        - Stakeholder confirms Meta Stake (META) – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!
        - These two transactions are irreversible – funds cannot be returned.
    - Active Stake
        - Stakeholders can not Cancel the active Meta Stake. Staked MetaCoin balance is not possible to claim;
        - Stakeholders are receiving stakeholding incomes from:
              - StakingPool MetaCoin Sales on the global market;
              - META Stake income authorizations;
              - Trading Orders Income authorizations;
              - USDT withdrawal fees;
              - InstantBeta fees
    - Income History
        - Income History with a command to Authorize a Staking Income - The authorization fee is 10 USDT. – (MetaMask) – stay on the page!
    - Income Authorizations
        - List of all stakeholder's Income authorizations.
    - Whitelisting
        - Confirming the acceptance of a particular collective Trading agreement.

First published: December 2022

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